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Coaching for a
Greater Purpose

12-14 January 2024
Hosted by: International School of Düsseldorf, Germany

The conference will feature speakers from the world of sports. We are also searching for coaches interested in presenting on a wide variety of topics. 

Registration is open now until mid-October! 


For more information listen to this CGP podcast from our friends and sponsors the Globetrottin' ADs.

Nick and Matt are joined by ISD Athletic Director and conference organizer Gil Grant in this episode dedicated to the conference. Find out what went well last year, whats planned for this year and why you should not only attend but get a group of coaches from your school to attend aswell.


Keynote Speaker


NBA Mindset Coach, 2x Best-Selling Author and Top 50 Worldwide Motivational Speaker


David Nurse has been transforming the way hundreds of NBA stars play on the court, and hundreds of corporate executives dominate in the board room for the past 15 years.  David is widely renown as one of the top mindset specialists in the entire world!  He has written two bestselling mindset books, runs a transformational coaching business and is a highly-sought-after speaker—hired by top Fortune 100 companies and professional sports teams—helping thousands of employees and athletes develop unshakeable mindsets. In fact, he was recently named as one of the top 50 keynote speakers in the world by Real Leaders.

As a former professional basketball player, David’s ability to get into the zone and master his mindset led him to two Guinness World Records. In 2016, the Brooklyn Nets hired him as a coach to help players improve their shooting—they went from being 28th in the league to 2nd overall in 3 point shooting. In total, David has worked with over 150 NBA players whose contract earnings amount to 3.2 billion.

Today, CEOs and professional athletes hire David for his award-winning strategies and infectious positivity. His two books, Pivot & Go and #1 Amazon Best Seller Breakthrough, (and the most immersive book ever written on taking action:

Do It - The Life Changing Power of Taking Action - releasing worldwide April 4th)  have helped hundreds of thousands throughout the world how to unlock their personal roadblocks and take action in their life. 

He resides in Marina del Rey with his incredibly talented wife, actress Taylor Kalupa. When he’s not traveling the world inspiring thousands to have breakthrough moments, David is most likely spending time with his wife and ‘way too spoiled fluffy little puppy.’  He swears he still has Iowa roots and can manage when California temperatures dip below 65. 


As one recent All Star NBA and NBA Champion player put it: “David is the guy that everyone needs to hire.” 


The Coaching for a Greater Purpose (CGP) Alliance. 
The alliance is a group of five schools who have agreed to support the creation of a recurring coaches conference aimed at international school coaches. The following five schools have made a commitment to support the conference and act as hosts in a rotation schedule:

International School of Brussels
International School of Düsseldorf
Copenhagen International School
American School London
Frankfurt International School

By bringing coaches from across Europe together the alliance aims to help raise the level of coaching and to provide coaches with an opportunity to forge relationships “across enemy lines”. 

The concept of “greater purpose” is a way to put to words the desire to create opportunities for coaches to learn about how they can make an impact on their players, teams, communities, and the world beyond. Sports can be a powerful tool for leveraging change and having a positive impact on young people so it seemed very clear from the start that this should be the focus of this conference. 

The CGP Conference will rotate from one school in the alliance to another every eighteen months. By rotating hosts the hope is that the conference has a fresh perspective and a geographical shift that provides some equity in terms of costs and travel requirements. 


ISB proudly hosted a successful first conference in August, 2022 and now it moves to Düsseldorf in 2024. 

Who is behind this conference?



CGP Schedule Overview

The schedule overview will  be updated as the event approaches.

We will follow a similar schedule as the previous conference. That includes a choice of active starts in the morning to get the body moving. This is followed by a mix of large and small group sessions throughout the day that encourage learning not only from the presenters but from each other. 


Approximate schedule: 

Friday 12 January - 17:00-20:00 

Registration & opening session

Saturday 13 January - 8:45-17:00

Day begins with a choice of active starts 

Begin & end day in large group session with smaller workshops in-between

Sunday 14 January - 8:45-13:30

Day begins with a choice of Active starts

Begin & end day in large group session with smaller workshops in-between


Our goal is to have the same top quality presenters and great social opportunities to continue or start important conversations around coaching for a greater purpose.


Sponsors and Partners

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